Before opening your new “Clean” solution and “Glitter” liquid bottles, please read the following guide.

  • Prepare your glass globe by cleaning it thoroughly.

  • Pour the Stardust Lamps “Clean” solution into your already well-cleaned glass globe.

  • Swish the “Clean” solution around so that it coats the complete inside surface of your glass globe.

  • Pour out the “Clean” solution from your glass globe, allowing as much of it as possible to drain into your sink.

  • Your glass globe is now ready for filling with Stardust Lamps “Glitter” liquid. No need to dry any residual “Clean” solution.

  • Using a funnel, pour the “Glitter” liquid into your glass globe.

  • Don’t worry if a small amount of glitter remains in the plastic “Glitter” bottle. Extra glitter has already been included to compensate for this.

  • Reseal your glass globe. This may mean reinstalling the original screw cap or crimping a new bottle cap.

  • Turn your glass globe upside down a couple of times to give the contents one final mix.

  • Enjoy!

How to Fill Your Globe

Slow Glitter Wattage

Slow Glitter flows best in cooler liquid temperatures. Using a lower temperature also ensures the liquid dye maintains its color.

You may need to change the bulb in your base before using Slow Glitter.

Use the following guide to convert your base for Slow Glitter.

Glitter Liquid Dyes

From the Left: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, and Teal.

The following table lists recommended dyes for dyeing your fast and slow glitter liquid.

All of these dyes have been tested for color, clarity, and longevity.

The recommended dyes can be purchased at any of the following websites:

Herbin at

Herbin at

Herbin at


This usually only happens the first time you run your glass globe.

Allow at least an hour for the glitter to start flowing after turning on.

If glitter is still stuck at the top, you can loosen it by turning the glass globe upside down a couple of times.

The liquid in your globe may be getting too hot.

Use the recommended bulb wattage:

  • Fast Glitter: ensure the bulb is the correct wattage for your base.

  • Slow Glitter: see above guide for recommended bulb wattage.

Keep your globe at typical room temperature. Cooler is safer than warmer. Direct contact with warm or cold air coming from your home’s air vents can affect the flow of the glitter.

Keep your globe out of direct sunlight, which may raise the temperature of the liquid.

Why is some or all of the glitter stuck at the top of my globe?
Why is my glitter not flowing all the way to the top of my globe?